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Top 5 Songs to Help with Social Distancing

Here at Tune Trucks, we don’t claim to be scientists, politicians or even people above average intelligence (so I suppose we could be politicians), but there’s one thing we should have PhD’s in, and that’s tunes.

I sat at my desk and thought how can my expertise help? Then it hit me like the inspiration for the Mona Lisa hitting Leonarda da Vinci: I can suggest people strap portable speakers to their person and blast out music that will ensure that nobody comes within 2 metres of them. Social distancing for dummies.

Top 5 Songs to Help with Social Distancing

Gangnam Style - Psy

It was huge. It broke the YouTube view limit. You’ve heard it more than once. You’ve probably heard it more than a hundred times, but that doesn’t make it right. Pair this song up with the weird pony dance move that Psy does, and you’ve bought yourself at least 10 metres in Piccadilly Circus.

All songs by Scooter

Remember that guy? He was probably your soundtrack to sneaking a cigarette behind the terrapin or doing wheelies down the street as you were riding away from your homework. We’re not suggesting a song here, because any will do. Brush off the dust of an old scooter CD and you’ll find inside the cover sleeve, a free ASBO. Hang it on the wall and make your Mum proud.

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke ft. T.I., Pharrell

Let’s be honest, the song is just a little bit rapey. It doesn’t scream get close to me. It screams, ‘I’m not going to accept a drink you buy me’.

Crazy Frog by Axel F

You may already have this one on an old Nokia that you’ve got stuffed in a drawer somewhere. Get it out and charge it up, although given how great those phones were it’s still probably got charge! This one is perfect for an emergency. If the supermarket starts getting crowded and people aren’t giving you your space, pretend you’re getting a call and just let the frog do the rest.

Friday by Rebecca Black

Imagine how unsettling it would be to have some lad strutting down the street, blasting ‘Friday’ on a Monday morning. The very idea is enough to give Alfred Hitchcock nightmares. You’d keep 2 metres away at least!

Stay safe out there!

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