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20 / 20 Vision

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

You all heard someone say, “20/20 vision. 2020 is going to be a big year!”. The someone who said it is probably one of those guys that wakes up at 4am, works out until 5am, then reads about productivity until 6am, before putting on their shirt that says ‘Grind or Die’. Those people aren't always the most fun.

Here at Tune Trucks, we had big plans for 2020 too, minus the 4am alarm clock. We had big plans, and we still do, but a certain shine is taken off a year where almost all events have been cancelled. It’s pretty tricky to have an event, also known as a massive gathering of sweaty people, when we’re now told we should treat every individual outside of our bubble as if they’re a walking, talking Chernobyl.

We’re still chugging along. Our Eco Truck is being worked on as we speak, the garage is looking the most organised it has ever been (we even have racking now!) and the trucks are ready and raring to go. So we’re basically this cat…

But we’re still here—as a business and as healthy human beings (so far!), so we’re grateful for that. Our business is set up in a way which takes into account the unpredictable nature of events. So what we’re saying is, we’re here and we’re going nowhere! Viva La Tune Trucks!

Ps. I’m going to look such a tit when we go bust now.

Wear your mask, stay away from everyone and everything, anti-bac until your hands go all dry and crusty and STAY SAFE!

Love from the TT Team

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