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To the Future

Are we in lockdown anymore? Does anyone really know? I know that we should all be wearing masks and should keep 2-meters from each other, but I also know that Nando’s are doing 50% off if you’re willing to sit in and risk your Nan’s life for some bargain price chicken. We’re living through strange times, that’s for sure.

Here at Tune Trucks, we’re escaping reality by looking ahead, and because we’re eternal optimists, things are looking good!

A big thing we’ve been working on for a while is ‘Screens by Tune Trucks’.

This idea is what happens when you ask a nine-year-old to design a Truck. You have a beautiful, big Land Rover Defender with a DJ Booth in the back—with massive TV screens on both sides. It’s just ridiculous! I mean, what more do you people want? We’re creating really cool stuff here! Sure Elon made a flamethrower and some big-boy Scalextric*, but look at what we’re doing!

What is it for, I hear you ask? Well, that’s the best bit. It’s so versatile it can do anything you want it to (well maybe not anything, but you get what I’m trying to say). It can simply be the Tune Truck you all know and love, or it can be the Tune Truck with mind-blowing visual accompaniment. It can be cruising through your local town centre advertising your business. It allows the most unique cinema experience you’ve ever been a part of. Imagine watching the Blair Witch Project on the truck, whilst camping out in the woods.

Screens allows us to do more. At Tune Trucks, people come to us and ask us if ‘it’ can be done. Then we get it done. Screens is another weapon in our arsenal to make whatever you want, happen.

Another big thing we’ve got in the works is… Eco Truck (Final name pending).

The world is changing, and TT is changing with it. We’re creating a Tune Trucks hybrid vehicle (I told you we were making cool stuff). Building on a Mitsubishi Outlander, we’re pioneering the next generation of ultra-portable sounds systems. The Outlander is a pretty cool looking vehicle as it is, but just you wait until we’re done with it…

And lastly, there’s the season ahead.

That’s right, it’s not over yet. A lot of jobs have just been pushed back, so we could be approaching a very busy run-up to Christmas. I’ll be honest, I prefer them in Summer, but a little thing called a worldwide pandemic happened, so I’ll suck it up.

It’s been a rough year, and I know there’s probably more to complain about than there is to feel positive about. Regardless, we’ve got to keep going. 2020 sucks, but the world marches on, and on that march, TT will be there to supply the tunes.

*This is a joke. Tune Trucks really think Elon Musk is a swell guy and all. We wouldn’t be at all mad if he wanted to gift us a cyber truck so we could mutilate it by turning it into a Tune Truck.

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