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Brand promotion

Get your brand uniquely promoted 

Tune Trucks can be visually customised according to your brand message, and placed where you need them. We can even be on the move attracting the masses!

Have a DJ in the back of the truck pumping up the music, with brand ambassadors jumping out at popular locations handing out freebies and interacting with the crowds. Be the talking point of people's day. 


Take a look at our options below to see what best suits your budget and ideas.

See below or check out our gallery to see some examples of branding.

blank white.png

The Screens

Giant, Ultra HD, custom made LED Screens

Roaming or Stationary

(Still functions as a Tune Truck - can have speakers and a DJ on a raised platform)

See video for further details

Enquire for pricing


Branding Boards

Best for:

- Graphic branding

- Recurring events

Board size 6ft long x 2ft high

See examples below

From £200 per Foamex board

part vinyl all copy.png

Part Vinyl Wrap

Best for:

- Text Branding

- Budget

Can brand both side panels, back wheel cover and front panel

Side panel size 6ft long x 2ft high

See examples below

From £125 per panel

full wrap copy.png

Full Vinyl Wrap

The Ultimate Brand Promotion

Best for:

- Full brand exposure

See examples below

From £2750*

(*Price includes wrap application, removal & resprays)

brand promo
The Screens
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