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An Ode to the Land Rover Defender

We have a love hate relationship with our trucks. We love them because they look great, and they get you wherever you want them to go. But, they don’t always get you there in comfort. They’ll get you from A to B, no matter the ground between A and B, but don’t expect luxuries like radios and air con. Now we know that they weren’t designed with us in mind—to be an ultra transportable sound system—but where did this beast of a vehicle come from?

The original Land Rover was launched April 30th 1948 at the Amsterdam Motor Show and cost £450. In 1949 the Army started ordering them which kinda makes sense—it’s practically a tank. By 1976 they’d sold almost a million Land Rover’s, but it wasn’t until 1990 that what we now know as the Land Rover Defender came to be.The Land Rover website missed our contribution to their history, by ripping the roof off it and installing speakers on every corner, but we’ll try not to take it personally.

The thing we love most about this vehicle is its endless possibilities. So many people use these vehicles for so many purposes. Our Screens truck for example, was once a Scottish Power vehicle. Up and down the highlands it roved until we got our hands on it and turned it into something truly unique. And we’re not done. Every time we expand our fleet, we make improvements. We’re currently on Tune Trucks V.3. but 4.0 is already in the works. We’ve gone through taking the roof off completely and slotting poles into place to hold the roof up. We’ve gone electrical, making the roof rise automatically. Now we’re somewhere in the middle, with the roofs going up on a rail-like system. It’s now solid as a rock. Tune Trucks tends to work in seasons, and every time we come around to a new season, we’re going to bring something new and improved.

To end this wonderful ramble, it seems fitting that ‘to rove’, means to ‘travel constantly without a fixed destination; wander.’ Tune Trucks go anywhere the job requires, and that is all thanks to the Land Rover Defender. Now can this ruddy virus go do one, so we can get back out on the road?!

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