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The art of filming

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

When we thought about doing a creative promotional video for Tune Trucks we had no idea we’d end up in such precarious circumstances…

Our team is an assortment of experiences and creativity and so a very unique TT video was created. We were armed with filming equipment, 4 Land Rovers and a beautiful Welsh landscape. Picture it now; 4 newly washed Land Rovers glistening in the sunlight…or more true to reality - 4, now very dirty Land Rovers, trekking up the mountains in the muggy weather, whilst one of us steadies a camera on a tripod, despite the fact we couldn’t feel our fingers anymore.

The first step was capturing the Land Rover wheels in motion. One might think that this could be captured using our purpose bought tripod, however, for a more authentic and creative style, a different approach had to be used. See video below:

Having captured what we wanted from the slightly unorthodox approach shown above, we moved onto the next stage of filming. With the already severe lack of sun rapidly dwindling (we think we may have actually chosen the coldest and shortest day of the year thus far) we speedily assembled each truck and took our various shots. Very carefully we moved each truck into the same position as the previous one to create a stop motion type effect which can be seen in the final edit. But having 4 Tune Trucks assembled in the Welsh Valleys did attract a bit of attention - car after car slowed down to take a look, some even stopped their cars and got out to come speak to us. Not your average sight really:

Mobile DJ set up -
Four Tune Trucks in the Welsh Valleys

As passersby were mightily impressed, we again, despite the lack of feeling in our fingers and now toes, were very grateful to be running such an engaging business. What other kind of work day involves hanging out of Land Rovers, sitting on the bonnet of such a vehicle in motion, and casually replaying our London Pride moments on a giant LED screen in the middle of nowhere? (See the finished video for this, at the end of the blog)

Here are some of our behind the scenes highlights:

And if you haven’t already seen it, here is the final cut, The Tune Trucks promotional video of 2019.

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