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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Welcome dear reader, to the TT (Tune Trucks) blog.

Tune Trucks Mobile DJ Truck
The first Tune Truck

Our intentions with this blog are numerous and somewhat vague; we want to inform. We want to entertain. We want to show you the inner workings of a small but growing business, and hopefully inspire someone out there to go out and start their own business (not rip ours off...that would be counterproductive). We want to describe how much fun we get to have at the events we are lucky enough to be a part of (and show you some fantastic pictures to really kick start your imaginations). But to be completely honest, and honesty is going to be one of the defining features of these blog posts, we want to climb the Google rankings and we’ve heard that a blog is a great way of doing so!

TT was started in 2017 by 2 life long friends from the South Wales Valleys. Well, we say life long friends now...but there was definitely a time in primary school where we hated each other. Never say never eh? We used to work in an events company together where a service similar to TT was offered amongst many others. Once that company went through we decided to take that one idea and really focus on it to see how much potential it had when given the proper time and effort. Sitting here now with 2 years of trade under our belts, I can tell you - this thing has legs.

We've had some major problems and pitfalls along the way, including malfunctioning equipment, ridiculous combinations of mud and snow, and even stolen vehicles (all of which we'll go into more detail in future posts) but they're all things that have led to our, seldom used and unofficial, company motto - we're in over our heads...but we're swimming.

Tune Trucks Mobile DJ Truck

Tune Trucks Mobile DJ Truck Berlin Marathon Abbott
The first Tune Truck job - Berlin Marathon of all places!

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