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Is this actually our Job?!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

In our 2 years of business thus far we've had numerous experiences, both hugely positive and bewilderingly negative, that have inspired the reaction, 'is this actually our job?!'.

Tune Trucks at London Pride 2019 Serco mobile DJ
Tune Trucks at London Pride 2019 representing Serco

On the positive side of the spectrum, our participation in the 2019 London Pride Parade, appropriately, is our most proud moment. Five Tune Trucks, hired by five separate national clients, with five hugely different branding specifications. As part of the event we even had what we confidently consider to be a world's first - the world's first mirror gold Land Rover Defender! Not only was it a proud moment from a commercial and logistical perceptive, but the entire TT team were awestruck by the profound sense of love, acceptance and happiness that pervaded the parade and the entire day. Rarely before have we had the privilege of helping to bring so many smiles to so many faces. 'Is this actually our job?!'

From the sublime to the utterly, utterly ridiculous…

We had been on an extremely long job - we'd been up at the yawning crack of dawn to drive all the way to Liverpool (side note: Defenders may look good, and we wouldn't be where we are today without them, so we'll always be begrudgingly grateful to them for that. But unless you're someone who needs the rugged durability that the defender was made for...THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BUY ONE, and thank me for the advice later. They're just so uncomfortable!) for a student event at an outdoor shopping centre. This job required us to DJ all day long, at a location that could only be described as the crossing point of 4 wind tunnels. It was so cold that we went and bought extra socks at one point just so we could continue to feel our toes. Nevertheless the job went smoothly and was considered an all round success...until the journey home.

We were on the road for our return journey by about 8pm to hopefully get home around 1am (we've had worse), and for the first half of the journey we were making good time. We were even enjoying the journey! The heating was on, the snacks were plentiful, and the sing-along songs were on the go, when, in complete defiance of the weather forecast, the snow started. Slowly at first it began to fall, but before long the flakes had turned to flurries and the windscreen wipers were barely coping. I know that they were barely coping because they soon after ceased to cope entirely and we ended up hurtling towards our very own Jack Frost moment (if you haven't seen the movie, do it now. Right now. Stop reading this and go). We were forced to pull over, well aware that our pleasant little journey had been hijacked by this unexpected set back. We tried all the usual methods of impromptu windscreen wiper repair - banging, pulling, mild cursing etc. all to no avail. As responsible, vehicle based business owners, we had breakdown cover, but we knew that a recovery vehicle at this time of night, and to this unknown and remote location, would take hours. And we just wanted to get home. So valiantly, and without hesitation, one of our brave adventurers began to remove the laces from his shoes. Much to the confusion of the other adventurer, he then began to tie one shoe lace to one windscreen wiper and the other to the second windscreen wiper, then feeding the lace ends through the open windows. At this point you should be starting to envision the rest of the journey - 2 very cold and tired Welsh lads driving through the snow with the windows open so that the co-driver could manually operate our (patent pending) shoe lace powered windscreen wipers. At first we were buoyed by both the ridiculousness of the situation and our ingenious solution, we found the whole thing hilarious. Those feelings very soon wore off, and we were left in the shadow of the Brecon Beacons to slowly, and completely straight faced, pull the wiper laces back and forth for the remainder of our journey. 'Is this actually our job?!'

Tune Trucks mobile DJ snow all weather terrain
A cold cold night
Tune Trucks London Pride 2019 56 Dean Street mobile DJ
Tune Trucks at London Pride 2019 representing 56 Dean St
Tune Trucks London Pride Parade 2019 Direct Line float mobile DJ
Tune Trucks at London Pride 2019 representing Direct Line Group

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