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Behind the wheel

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

At Tune Trucks HQ we've had a lot of people come and get stuck in. You become family, especially when you're working on the trucks themselves! From mechanics to vinyl wrappers we've had our fair share of input given to keep these 4 trucks looking and being their finest.

Tune Trucks at Cardiff Half Marathon
Cardiff Half Marathon

Land Rover Defenders seem to need a fair bit of upkeep...well at least in our experience of them. So when you decide to make the roof detachable and the batteries run huge sound systems, they need even more attention. The things we've learnt here at HQ - it's amazing what things you can pick up and how far a 'skill' can be stretched, or shall we say honed. And when it feels like a job is almost done for the day, but then that one bolt just won't budge, we're grateful to be working amongst friends and family who we can laugh with in the cold and wet. When thoughts like, 'I thought working from home would be cosy and relaxing!' come to mind, running your own business is no joke. Running an events business based on Defenders is no laughing matter indeed. Well, unless our regular mechanic hurts himself, and swears the garage down. On the other side of getting these trucks ready for a job are our friends over at Printsauce. No vinyl wrap too small, we come to these guys to make mirror gold trucks, London pride floats and all that a client might throw at us next. We've been in awe at how much is given by this company. With one job taking them late into the night, they would pop home for dinner and a sleep, and up early to finish the next morning. Our clients keep us on our toes but these lot give us a hand up.

Tune Trucks at London Pride 2019
London Pride 2019

Behind the wheel we have our incredible DJs either hired by us or the client it's amazing to see the trucks come alive as the exact song needed penetrates the atmosphere. So many times people have contacted us asking for what was played at the time they passed the truck on the last draining leg of their marathon or the last hurdle of their painstaking obstacle course. Making people feel good is what we do and when it all comes together for that, well, those frozen hands welding away on a Landover seem worth it. And where would be without you, lovely reader? The Facebook likes and the pats on the back, we really feel an energy from you all. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes the whole of South Wales to send these Landys off primed and ready.

Tune Trucks at the Angel of the North
Tune Trucks at the Angel of the North

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