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5 Things I Miss About Tune Trucks

It's been a ruddy long time since we've been out on the road doing our thing. But we all enjoy a break. Whilst I'm writing this, I'm sat out in the sun sipping on a delightful pink drink, tapping away merrily on a keyboard. It's nice, I won't lie to you. But there is a lot I miss about doing Tune Trucks jobs. 'What are they?!' I hear you say. Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are 5 things I miss about Tune Trucks…

Tune Trucks DJ Truck

#5 Takeaways

When you’re out on a job, you’re away from your fridge. Sometimes you can be miles away from any fridge. There have been times where I’d forgotten that cold drinks exist. And let me tell you, you don’t know hardship until all you’ve had to keep yourself hydrated on a warm summer’s day is a hot (not warm) 2-litre diet coke. I looked death in the face that day. But one of the perks of being away from a kitchen is that you’re forced to have takeaways. I know they’re fatty and calorie-dense, but that’s also what makes them taste so good! JustEat (not a sponsor, but also we’re not opposed to being sponsored!) has saved our hides on more than one occasion. Chips, pizza, noodles, we’ve had it all and from all over the UK.

Tune Trucks DJ Truck Angel of the North

#4 Summer

With TT being an events company that specialises in blowing minds with impeccable sound quality outdoors, our job is very busy in the summer months. A lot of jobs require us to be outside all day in the summer sun, playing great music for appreciative people. It’s great. And there are moments where you just have to ask yourself, ‘Is this actually our job?!’.

Tune Trucks DJ Truck Student Colour Run

#3 Travel

Dr Seuss once wrote a book called 'Oh, the places you'll go!’, and although he never confirmed this to me, I have a sneaking suspicion that its inspiration was a Tune Trucks season. We really go places! From Berlin to Birmingham, and from London to Liverpool. It feels like every weekend we’re off on a new adventure, and it never gets old.

Tune Trucks DJ Truck Brighton Pier

#2 It’s Not a Desk Job

Sure, we’d all probably be making more money if we were willing to put on a shirt and tie and sit at a desk while replying to emails and talking to reliable Jeremy at the water fountain about the game last night, but that’s not us. We’ve chosen this, and we’re pretty damn good at it!

Tune Trucks DJ Truck Spartan Race UK

#1 The People

You sneezing, slobbering, sweaty folk. You all are the reason we do this job. Without you we’d just be that guy at the bottom of your street in a pimped out Punto burning some questionable, possibly incriminating, incense while playing house music all by ourselves. You people make this job what it is. We miss you!

Tune Trucks DJ Truck Student Colour Run

Tune in next week for the five things I do not miss about Tune Trucks. I know what you’re thinking, ‘is there anything?’. After reading the above list, I could understand you drawing such a conclusion, but just you wait…

Tune Trucks DJ Truck

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